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DCI Gene Hunt [userpic]
by DCI Gene Hunt (unbreakablelion)
at September 6th, 2010 (12:24 am)

Who: Gene, Open
When: Night
Where: CID Office, Fenchurch East
What: Working on a case
Warnings: Gene Hunt comes with his own warning…

Most of CID had left some hours ago. Some had gone home, others had gone to the pub. But Gene was still here, still working. He had a cigarette and a glass of scotch in one hand, a whiteboard marker in the other as he wrote some notes onto the board. A kidnapping case the team had been working on - photos and notes were stuck to the board, but there were no real leads and it bugged Gene, and so in the darkened office he was now trying to piece together what little information they had.

He set the marker and his glass down and rubbed at tired eyes before taking a drag of his cigarette. It looked like it would be a long night.