Sam Tyler (madorcoma) wrote in genes_world,
Sam Tyler

Who: Sam Tyler, Gene Hunt, open
When: Immediately after Sam's arrival in 1984
Where: CID office
What: About to walk into Nelson's pub, he takes a look back and suddenly he's standing outside the doors to the CID office in 1984 with no memory of his decision to go to the pub.
Rating/Warnings: Language, most likely

He'd said his good-byes to Gene and watched Annie walk into the pub before he turned to follow. Once his hand was on the door, he turned to look back at Gene one last time, only to see a blinding white light instead. was daytime, and he was standing before the doors of CID. It took him a moment to realise this wasn't the CID he was used to, and another to realise he had no memory of the last few weeks. How had he got here? Was going to the station just so automatic that he was doing it in his sleep now?

He reached up to cautiously touch his head, half expecting to feel a bruise that'd signal a concussion. That was when he noticed a pair of off duty WPCs walk past. Judging from their permed hair and over sized sweaters, it was almost like he was "...In the 80's," he finished aloud, voice barely above a whisper. He pushed open the doors to CID, taking in his surroundings. "Oh, bloody hell."
Tags: gene hunt, sam tyler
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