DCI Gene Hunt (unbreakablelion) wrote in genes_world,
DCI Gene Hunt

Who: Gene, Open to anyone with access to the Interview Room
When: Afternoon
Where: Fenchurch East
What: Interviewing a suspect
Warnings: Violence and language

It had been a long 37 hours. A kidnapping of a six-year-old girl had CID working around the clock. It had been hard, tiring and tempers had been frayed. But they had gotten results. However, what they had found was nothing less than disgusting. The girl had been kidnapped and raped by her own father – her father of all people!

Gene had been left alone in the interview room with the child's father. Not a wise idea in hindsight considering Gene’s current mood. He could easily be heard outside the interview room – loud, angry, and violent. He had a line he wouldn’t cross, but with the way things were right now there was every chance he might accidentally cross it.

Thomas Morris already had a bloodied nose and a bruised face but Gene was nowhere near done with him. He grabbed the man by the throat and dragged him to his feet, slamming him into the wall. "She is your little girl! She is six bloody years old! She believes in the Tooth Fairy, in Santa Claus, she plays tea parties and dollies!!" He kneed the man in the groin. "You are supposed to protect her from the monsters, you are not supposed to be the monster yourself, you sick, twisted son of a bloody bitch!!!"

With the man now on the floor, Gene proceeded to kick him in the gut – more than once.
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