Molly Drake, Ashes to Ashes (missing_mum) wrote in genes_world,
Molly Drake, Ashes to Ashes

Who: Molly Drake, open
When: Seconds after her arrival in 1984
Where: Ground floor of the Fenchurch East police station
What: When she reached for the door is was 2019, but when she walked through the doorway it suddenly became 1984
Rating/Warnings: Mind!bend fun, language (maybe?)

It took her a full fifteen seconds to realize that something was wrong. She was so intent on getting upstairs and not being late that she didn't notice that the tiles on the floor were old black and white, rather then the beige of her world. She didn't notice that the desk Sergeant was unfamiliar and wearing the wrong uniform, or that the steps were plain wood instead of carpeting. It wasn't until she reached the top of the stairs and found that the office she shared with three others was filled with chemicals and had a 'janitor' sign nailed to it that she stopped and looked around.

"Bloody hell. I've been here a year; anytime you want to stop the hazing and grow up I'd be happy."
Tags: alex drake, gene hunt, molly drake
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