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« ★ K r i s t i n a ★ » [userpic]
by « ★ K r i s t i n a ★ » (darkranger)
at August 2nd, 2011 (09:21 pm)



2010 -- You’ve just been involved in an accident. Your vision begins to grey and all you can feel is pain. Before long, everything goes black.

1984 -- You open your eyes. Everything around you is different. Loud music blares out, cars and people fill the streets. You sit up. There is no pain, only confusion. These aren’t the clothes you were wearing… What’s going on?

Are you mad, in a coma or back in time?

genes_world is a Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes based roleplay that take’s place after the events of the Ashes to Ashes finale.

The year is 1984. It has been months since the truth was revealed and Gene Hunt said goodbye to his team and sent them on their way. Staying behind, he threw himself into his work, rebuilding a team and doing what he does best – protecting the city.

Life goes on and there is still crime to be fought. But he made a promise to himself not to forget. Not to lose sight of who he was again and not to forget the team he had been so proud of.

It is a decision that has begun to haunt his life. He sees visions of those he has helped and those he has failed when he least expects it. Out of the corner of his eye, on the corner of a busy street. He sees them, people who should no longer exist. Are they figments of his imagination or have they truly returned?


DCI Gene Hunt [userpic]
by DCI Gene Hunt (unbreakablelion)
at September 6th, 2010 (12:24 am)

Who: Gene, Open
When: Night
Where: CID Office, Fenchurch East
What: Working on a case
Warnings: Gene Hunt comes with his own warning…

Most of CID had left some hours ago.Collapse )

by Mail "Matt" Jeevas (you_got_jeevas)
at July 28th, 2010 (01:11 am)

current location: Record Shop
current mood: apathetic
current song: Van Halen - Jump

Who: Matt, open
When: A couple of weeks after his arrival, early morning
Where: Record Shop
What: Matt has arrived to open shop and discovered some unpleasant things
Rating/Warnings: Possibly foul language

There's a dead body in my way.Collapse )

Wasting our time on cheap talk and wine, left us so little to give [open]
by Molly Drake, Ashes to Ashes (missing_mum)
at July 23rd, 2010 (08:09 pm)

Who: Molly Drake, open
When: A couple of weeks after after her arrival
Where: Luigi's
What: Dinner, and at least a couple of drinks
Rating/Warnings: Language, probably

They are not long, the days of wine and rosesCollapse )

I thought the world was Hell, untill I came here.
by Nathaniel Greenwood (blueeye_bitch)
at July 19th, 2010 (02:35 pm)

Who: PC Nathaniel Greenwood. open
When: A few weeks after he came to this place, after having had an argument with Gene.
Where: Outside the office.
What: Having no idea what he is supposed to be doing.
Rating/Warnings: Nathaniels bitching, most likely

He was smokingCollapse )

Sam Tyler [userpic]
by Sam Tyler (madorcoma)
at July 14th, 2010 (05:02 pm)

Who: Sam Tyler, Gene Hunt, open
When: Immediately after Sam's arrival in 1984
Where: CID office
What: About to walk into Nelson's pub, he takes a look back and suddenly he's standing outside the doors to the CID office in 1984 with no memory of his decision to go to the pub.
Rating/Warnings: Language, most likely

If I could stop time traveling, I'd really appreciate itCollapse )

DCI Gene Hunt [userpic]
by DCI Gene Hunt (unbreakablelion)
at July 13th, 2010 (10:47 pm)

Who: Gene, Open to anyone with access to the Interview Room
When: Afternoon
Where: Fenchurch East
What: Interviewing a suspect
Warnings: Violence and language

A kidnapping of a six-year-old girl had CID working around the clock.Collapse )

by Molly Drake, Ashes to Ashes (missing_mum)
at June 30th, 2010 (02:52 pm)

Who: Molly Drake, open
When: Seconds after her arrival in 1984
Where: Ground floor of the Fenchurch East police station
What: When she reached for the door is was 2019, but when she walked through the doorway it suddenly became 1984
Rating/Warnings: Mind!bend fun, language (maybe?)

And I'm floating in the most peculiar way // And the stars look very different todayCollapse )

DCI Gene Hunt [userpic]
by DCI Gene Hunt (unbreakablelion)
at June 27th, 2010 (10:21 pm)

Who: Gene, Open
When: Night
Where: CID Office, Fenchurch East
What: Cleaning up Jimbo’s mess
Warnings: Gene has an obsession with swearing

Bloody Jim Keats! The office was a mess.Collapse )

DCI Gene Hunt [userpic]
by DCI Gene Hunt (unbreakablelion)
at June 23rd, 2010 (12:06 pm)

Who: Gene Hunt, Jim Keats
When: Night
Where: CID Office, Fenchurch East
What: Working
Warnings: TBA

It was late at night and the only light in CID was coming from Gene’s office.Collapse )

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